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Life Insurance Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides you and your loved ones with financial security and protection against the financial risk associated with Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Terminal Illness, Critical Illness, or other unfortunate events. In addition, it can help you build wealth and reach your financial goals.

Arabia Insurance provides an array of plans and options to help you whether you want to save money, secure your family or protect your child's education. 

Arabia Lifestyle is a life insurance plan that helps you overcome the unexpected obstacles that might hinder your path. It combines a variety of life covers with valuable investment funds to guarantee a safe future. It covers you anytime, anywhere in the world, against sudden death, terminal illness, critical illness, permanent total disability due to sickness or accident, and permanent partial disability as a result of an accident.


On the other hand, failing to plan during you working life could lead to significantly reduced resources once you retire, which means a dramatic change in your lifestyle and in your ability to support your family members. 


To learn about Arabia Lifestyle's covers and benefits click here

Typically used to protect a loan repayment (car loan, personal loan, mortgage loan, etc.). This plan offers a decreasing Sum Assured equal to your outstanding loan amount, that will be used to settle your loans to your debtor (bank) in case of your unfortunate death, and therefore you will be releasing your family from the burden of your debts.

The Family Income Benefit is a plan designed to provide security and peace of mind to you and your dependents. In case of your unfortunate Death, this plan will pay your dependents, a fixed income for the remaining term of your policy, according to your choice of income payment frequency and amount.

In case you become totally and permanently disabled, Arabia will pay an amount of money that will help you overcome the loss of your income. Total and Permanent Disability means the complete incapacity to perform either your own/similar occupation or any occupation.

Investing in a child’s education is one of the best investments a parent can make in their lifetime.
Parents strive to make their children's lives better and being a parent means making sacrifices to ensure the best future for them.


In today’s world, we are facing excessive education costs and ever rising inflation. The future is unpredictable, and some surprises might be unpleasant and can hold a family back. It’s time to safeguard the continuation of your child’s education, from kindergarten all the way through university.


Arabia’s new Education Protection Plan will provide your child with the perfect combination of protection and saving to secure their future.

How does your child benefit from this insurance?

  • Settles schooling fees in case of an assured event (death or disability)
  • Covers the accumulated cash value at plan maturity
  • Pays the premium on the behalf of the policy holder in case of death or disability
  • Hedges against inflation during the policy period of the plan in terms of payment indexation
  • Offers flexible contribution plans


To learn more about Arabia's Education Protection Plan covers and benefits please click here Education Protection Plan Brochure.

Critical Illness Insurance helps you cover the indirect costs of suffering a serious illness like life-threatening cancer, stroke, heart attack or major organ transplant with money you can use for anything you need. It provides you with money you need at the most crucial time. It can free you from worrying about finances, while you focus on getting well. The odds of suffering - and surviving - a critical illness are high.


This plan guarantees the payment of: 

1- The accumulated investment value in case of survival of the Assured at the maturity of the Policy without having suffered from a covered critical illness during the period of the Policy

2- Guaranteed sum assured or the accumulated investment value if greater, in case the Assured suffers from a covered critical illness during the period of the Policy


It covers 20 critical diseases including the following: 

(1) cancer ; (2) stroke ; (3) heart attack (myocardial infarction) ; (4) heart valve surgery ; (5) coronary artery disease surgery ; (6) aorta disease surgery ; (7) major organ transplant ; (8) kidney failure (renal disease) ; (9) liver disease ; (10) coma ; (11) Alzheimer’s disease (before age 60) ; (12) multiple sclerosis ; (13) motor neuron disease ; (14) Parkinson’s disease (before age 60) ; (15) loss of speech (muteness) ; (16) loss of hearing (deafness) ; (17) loss of sight (blindness) ; (18) loss of limbs ; (19) major burns ; (20) HIV due to blood transfusion.