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Hunting Insurance Hunting Insurance

You look forward to Hunting Season every year.  The season comes, you prepare your hunting gear the night before, wake up hoping it’s a good day to hunt. Before you take that step make sure you are covered against any accidents during your hunting trip by ensuring to buy your insurance.



Hunting Insurance covers your legal liability, in respect of bodily injury and material damage to third parties resulting solely from the practice of hunting at authorized sites, and during the hunting season only.  Cover will be restricted if you are holding a legal permit and a licensed hunting weapon.

Pursuant to Decree No. 11987 issued by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, and pursuant to Law No. 580 dated 25/02/2004 (hunting rules & regulations).



Main Features

  • Death - USD 30,000
  • Permanent Total Disability - USD 30,000
  • Permanent Partial Disability - USD 350,000
  • Medical Expenses - USD 225,000
  • Material Damage or Animals- USD 7,000
  • Total Aggregate Limit during the policy period - USD 350,000