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Financial Lines Financial Lines

Protects the company entity, it’s Directors, staff, selling &/or controlling shareholders and investment advisors from potential liabilities for the alleged inaccuracy of statements and information provided in the prospectus to raise funds via a Public Offering of Securities.
A tailor-made cover in the event of a claim arising from professional negligence in the performance of services.
Covers the personal assets and liability of directors, officers, and senior management against claims arising from actions or decisions made in their capacity as leaders and decision makers.
Designed to complement insurance available under BBB. The cover is for fraudulent input of electronic data or computer instructions to the insured’s computer, by unauthorized access to a bank’s communication lines, or by fraudulent preparation of tapes or computer programs.
A special form of bond designed to ensure banks against loss from employee dishonesty, robbery, larceny, theft, forgery, misplacement, and certain other perils.