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Expat Insurance Expat Insurance

Expatriate insurance is a product designed to ensure that foreigners working in Lebanon are protected in case of accidents or unfortunate events that might have a direct impact on the health status of the worker or financial status of the Sponsor. Being in line with the regulations set by the Ministry of Labor, The Expatriate product also guarantees the eligibility of the stay of foreign workers.




Expatriate Insurance is a comprehensive coverage that covers medical expenses as a result of an accident or sickness and requires hospital admission, in addition to all the covers mandated by the Ministry of Labor.



Main Features

  • Medical expenses due to sickness or accident: up to LL 35,000,000 per case & per person per year
  • Permanent Total or Partial Disability due to accident: LL 15,000,000
  • Body repatriation and funeral expenses: LL 12,000,000
  • Expat deportation expenses (as per regular regulations)



  • Two Networks Full and Limited
  • Additional Escape Rider: USD 1,000 payable to sponsor in case expat escapes during the 1st policy year with Arabia
  • One lab test per insured per year