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Property & Casualty Insurance, or P&C Insurance, covers property damage and liability risks.

P&C Insurance covers many risks, including damage to property, theft, liability claims, and legal expenses resulting from accidents.

P&C Insurance can cover various properties, such as homes, Industrial commercial buildings, rental properties, and personal belongings.

Depending on your policy, P&C Insurance may cover natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. However, some events may require additional coverage or separate policies.

Some forms of P&C Insurance, may be mandatory depending on your location and legal requirements. However, all types of P&C Insurance are highly recommended.

A standard homeowner's insurance policy may need adequate coverage for home-based businesses. You may need to consider additional coverage options or a separate business insurance policy.

Yes, our Home Insurance policies has the option to include coverage for personal belongings even when they are outside your home. This coverage is usually subject to certain limits and conditions.

Most companies, including small and large corporations, are eligible for P&C Insurance. The specific coverage options and premiums may vary depending on the nature of the company.

There are specific policies available, such as cyber liability insurance, to cover cybersecurity risks for businesses.

Securing a fleet insurance quote is quick and straightforward. Visit the website contact form or reach out by phone; friendly representatives will guide you through the process. The necessary information will be gathered, and a personalised quote tailored to your fleet's needs will be provided.

Arabia Insurance offers fleet insurance coverage for various vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, and speciality vehicles such as construction equipment or mobile units. Connect to discuss your specific fleet composition and insurance requirements.

Arabia Insurance generally necessitates all drivers within a fleet to fulfil specific criteria, such as holding a valid driver's license, maintaining a clean driving record, and adhering to applicable driver qualification regulations. Specific driver requirements can be provided based on your location and policy.

At Arabia Insurance, it's understood that businesses have unique fleet insurance requirements. Customisable coverage options are offered to meet these specific needs. You can collaborate with the team to tailor your policy by selecting the appropriate coverage limits, deductibles, and additional options.

In case of an accident involving a fleet vehicle, the incident should be reported to Arabia Insurance immediately. The dedicated claims team will guide you through the claims process, assisting with documentation, repair arrangements, and any other necessary steps for efficient resolution.

Yes, fleet insurance can include coverage for medical costs resulting from injuries sustained by drivers in a covered accident, depending on the chosen coverage options. It's crucial to review your fleet insurance policy's specific terms and limits to understand the extent of medical coverage offered.

You will require the following documents to apply for car insurance under a company name:

  • Trade License copy
  • Main Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration copy
  • Tax Registration number

Yacht insurance typically covers physical damage to your yacht, liability for accidents or injuries involving your yacht, medical expenses, salvage and towing costs, and additional optional coverages such as personal belongings protection.

The cost of yacht insurance varies depending on factors such as the value of your boat, its size, intended use (private or charter), cruising areas, your boating experience, and the coverage options you choose. Requesting a personalized quote based on your specific circumstances is best to get an accurate estimate.

Yacht insurance is available for many vessels, including sailing yachts, motor yachts, mega yachts, and charter yachts. Whether you own a small sailboat or a luxurious mega yacht, there are insurance options to suit your needs.

Yes, many yacht insurance policies offer coverage for additional equipment and accessories. When discussing your policy options with an insurance agent, you must provide detailed information about the equipment you want to insure.

Yes, Arabia Insurance offer discounts for yacht insurance. These discounts may be available for various reasons, such as bundling multiple insurance policies, completing boating safety courses, installing safety features on your yacht, or maintaining a claims-free record. Be sure to ask your customer service agent about available discounts.

In case of an accident, damage, or loss involving your yacht, you must contact Arabia Insurance immediately. Our claims team will guide you through the claims process and ensure a smooth resolution.

You can change your yacht insurance policy as your needs evolve. Suppose you purchase new equipment, plan to cruise in different areas or modify your yacht's usage. In that case, you must inform us so we can update your policy accordingly.

Yes, having yacht insurance is essential, regardless of how frequently you use your yacht. Accidents can happen anytime, and insurance protects against unexpected events and potential liabilities.

Personal Accident Insurance is a specialized insurance product that offers coverage in the event of accidents resulting in bodily injuries or disabilities. It provides financial protection and compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and other related accident-related costs.

Personal Accident Insurance typically covers accidental death, permanent or temporary disability, medical expenses, ambulance fees, and rehabilitation costs. The specific coverage may vary depending on the policy and insurance provider. Reviewing the policy documents to understand the coverage in detail is essential.

Personal Accident Insurance can be highly beneficial, especially if you have dependents or engage in activities that carry higher risks. It provides financial support during difficult times and helps alleviate the burden of medical expenses and loss of income. Consider your lifestyle, occupation, and personal circumstances to determine if it's worth it.

Having both health insurance and Personal Accident Insurance can provide comprehensive protection. While health insurance covers medical expenses, Personal Accident Insurance focuses on accidents and their consequences. It offers additional benefits such as disability coverage and compensation for loss of income.

If an accident covered by your policy occurs, you need to notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. You will be required to submit a claim along with relevant documents, such as medical reports and bills. Once the claim is approved, you will receive the compensation amount per your policy's terms.

Personal Accident Insurance cover costs depend on various factors, including the coverage amount, duration, age, occupation, and lifestyle. Insurance providers offer different premium options to suit different budgets. Obtaining quotes from multiple providers and comparing the coverage and premiums before deciding is advisable.

Arabia Insurance offer family coverage options under their Personal Accident Insurance policies. This allows you to include your spouse and children under a single policy, providing comprehensive protection for your entire family.

To purchase Personal Accident Insurance from Arabia Insurance, contact us through our website or our dedicated customer service team. Our professionals will guide you through the process, help you understand the available options, and assist you in choosing the policy that best suits your needs.

Health insurance is crucial as it provides financial protection against high medical costs. It covers expenses such as hospitalization, medication, and doctor's visits, allowing you to focus on recovery rather than worrying about medical bills.

Consider your age, lifestyle, health status, and financial capacity when purchasing health insurance. You should also consider the type of coverage the insurance plan provides, including benefits, network, inclusions, and exclusions, and whether it fits your specific health needs.

To learn more about your network, you can reach out to either your HR department, broker, or the Arabia insurance claims department. Alternatively, you can access the network information by downloading the following TPA mobile applications:

  1. Lumi by Next Care app
  2. myNAS app

The cost of health insurance varies greatly depending on multiple factors, including your age, pre-existing conditions, lifestyle habits, and the level of coverage you choose. Getting a personalized quote to understand the potential cost is always best.

Yes, while having pre-existing conditions can sometimes make it harder to find coverage, it's not impossible. Some insurance plans may cover pre-existing conditions but could have waiting periods or higher premiums. It is always recommended to declare ongoing pre existing conditions in advance.

You can apply for health insurance by filling out an application form, which includes questions about your medical history and lifestyle. After submitting your application, the insurance company will assess your application and decide the terms of your coverage.

You can change or upgrade your health insurance plan if your needs change. However, checking this with your insurance provider is important as policies may vary. Once a policy is issued we can not change terms until the renewal date. 

The required documents are:

  • Reimbursement claim form signed and stamped by the treating physician
  • Ecard copy
  • Prescription of the treating physician
  • Results of the lab and diagnostics
  • Itemized bills
  • Proof of payment

Reimbursement Claims are processed within 14 working days subject to receiving full documents.

Reimbursement Claims follow-ups can be done with the TPA or through the AIC Claims Department (

Reimbursement Claims can be submitted through the mobile application or through emails to AIC Claims Department (

Yes, scanned copies of reimbursement documents can be presented. If hard copies are required, the same shall be requested on case to case basis.

The TPA should be contacted for pre-approvals by contacting customer service. In case of escalation, the Claims Department of AIC should be contacted (

The pre-approval of Direct Billing Claims is usually submitted from the provider directly to the TPA.

Patient elective treatments require 24 hours while certain out-patient treatments prior approval require 1 hour.

It is the responsibility of the medical provider to apply for pre-approval.

The services which require prior approval are:

  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Gastroscopy
  • Lab tests
  • Maternity, physiotherapy, dental & optical benefits
  • All inpatient elective treatments

and more.

Payment will be paid through bank transfer after getting the bank account details and IBAN number.

Individual, SME & Corporate groups.

The policy can be terminated anytime, however, the policyholder has to provide the reason for termination in writing and with a liability letter.

If the policy territory covers the home country extension or the home country is part of the territorial scope, then it will be covered.

Corporate medical insurance, or group health insurance, is a type of health insurance coverage employers provide to their employees. It offers comprehensive healthcare benefits and coverage to a group of individuals within a company or organisation.

Corporate medical insurance is essential for businesses because it demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, attracts and retains top talent, and creates a healthier and more productive workforce. It provides financial protection for employees against medical expenses and ensures they have access to quality healthcare services.

Corporate medical insurance typically covers a range of healthcare services, including hospitalisation, outpatient care, doctor consultations, prescription medications, diagnostic tests, maternity services, preventive care, and more. The coverage details may vary depending on the chosen insurance provider and plan.

Many insurance providers offer customisable plans to suit your organisation's needs. Customisation allows you to find a plan that aligns with your organisation's requirements and budget. You can tailor the coverage options, such as selecting different benefit levels, add-on benefits, or choosing between comprehensive or basic plans.

The claims process for corporate medical insurance involves submitting relevant documents and receipts to the insurance provider to reimburse covered expenses. Transparent communication channels and efficient processing ensure quick reimbursements. Insurance providers often have online claims submission systems, making it convenient for employees to submit their claims.

Corporate medical insurance plans usually have a network of healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and specialists. Employees are encouraged to use the providers within the network to ensure maximum coverage. However, some plans may also provide out-of-network coverage, although the coverage levels may vary.

We offer customer support to assist employees with any questions or concerns related to their corporate medical insurance. Dedicated account managers or customer service representatives can guide coverage, claims, and other insurance-related inquiries.

You can contact us directly to get a corporate medical insurance quote. We will gather information about your organisation, such as the details of employees, existing plans, claims and specific coverage requirements. Based on this information, we will provide a customised quote tailored to your organization's needs.

Arabia Insurance is a trusted name in the corporate health insurance industry, with a strong reputation and extensive experience. We offer customisable plans, comprehensive benefits, and dedicated customer support. Our goal is to provide reliable coverage and ensure the health and well-being of your employees. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and discuss your organisation's healthcare needs.

Life insurance is an agreement between an individual and an insurance company. It provides a financial death benefit to the named beneficiaries in the policy when the insured person passes away. This benefit can cover a range of expenses, such as funeral costs, outstanding debts, and ongoing living expenses.

Taking out a life insurance policy involves paying regular premiums to the insurance company. If you pass away, your insurance company pays your chosen beneficiaries. This sum can be used to manage financial needs and secure their future. 

The two major types of life insurance are term life insurance, which covers a specific period, if the insured dies during the term, the beneficiaries receive the death benefit; and permanent life insurance which provides coverage for the entire lifetime of the insured and includes a cash value component that accumulated over time. 

The coverage you need depends on your income, current debts, mortgage, and future financial commitments. It's essential to consider your family's needs, including their living expenses, education costs, and existing loans. We can help you determine the right coverage amount based on your situation. 

Selecting a life insurance company involves considering factors such as financial stability, reputation for customer service, and the variety of policy options available. Look for a company with a strong track record and positive customer reviews. We are a trusted provider dedicated to excellent service and financial strength. 

You can adjust your life insurance policy as your life circumstances change. This might include changes to your coverage amount, beneficiaries, or policy type. We offer policy review and adjustment services to ensure your life insurance meets your evolving needs. 

Sometimes, a medical exam may be needed to establish your eligibility and premiums for life insurance. However, policies like simplified issues or no-exam life insurance allow you to get coverage without a medical examination. Our team can help guide you through the application process and provide options that suit your situation.

To start your life insurance application, contact us for a consultation. Our experienced team will guide you through the necessary steps, which include filling out the application, providing the required information, and scheduling a medical exam. We're committed to making the application process as smooth and straightforward as possible for you.

Get a free financial checkup with one of our advisors to help you identify your financial needs. Our customer service is ready to assist by sending an email to

Life Insurance varies with your age and responsibilities. It is a part of financial planning. There are several reasons to purchase Life Insurance. You may want to replace the income that would be lost with the death of a wage earner. You may want to make sure your dependents do not incur significant debt when you die. Life Insurance may allow them to keep assets versus selling them to pay outstanding bills or taxes.

Consumers should consider the following factors when purchasing Life Insurance:

  • Medical expenses previous to death, burial costs, and estate taxes
  • Support while remaining family members try to secure employment
  • Continued monthly bills and expenses, daycare costs, college tuition, and retirement

Only someone who has an "insurable interest" can purchase an insurance policy on your life. That means a stranger cannot buy a policy to insure your life. People with an insurable interest generally include members of your immediate family. In some circumstances, your employer or business partner might also have an insurable interest.

Insurable interest may also be proper for institutions or people who become your major creditors.

Getting a home insurance quote is quick and easy with us. Visit our website, fill out the quote request form or call us. We'll gather the necessary information about your property and provide a personalized quote that suits your needs. 

Yes, we offer home insurance for rental properties. Whether you own a single rental property or multiple units, we can help you find the right coverage to protect your investment and rental income.

Absolutely! We understand that each homeowner has unique needs. That's why we offer customizable home insurance policies. You can choose the coverage options and limits that best suit your home and belongings, ensuring you have the protection you need.

Our dedicated claims team is here to assist you in the unfortunate event of a claim. Contact us as soon as possible, and we'll guide you through the claims process, providing the necessary support and helping you get back on track.

Yes, Home Shield offers the option to bundle home and contents insurance. Bundling your policies often results in cost savings and a more streamlined insurance experience. Speak to our team to explore the benefits of bundling and find the best solution for your needs.

We're here to help! Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and assist you in finding the perfect home insurance solution. You can reach us at [Insert Phone Number] or visit our website and fill out the contact form.

Buildings Insurance is only needed if you are legally liable for the building, i.e. if you own the building.

As the vast majority of people in the UAE are only tenants paying rent, this insurance is not applicable to them.

We can provide you with additional covers like Accidental Damage to Contents, Domestic Helpers cover and additional tenants liability cover.

If you wish to insure any valuable items within your home under the Contents section then items valued over AED 15,000 must be specified in the Schedule. For items that require cover outside of your, home Single Article Limit for Personal Belongings is AED 50,000

Proof of value will be required when making a claim for an item valued in excess of the Single Article Limit. We recommend that you retain copies of receipts, valuations, photographs, instructions booklets, and guarantee cards to assist in the event of a claim. We may require evidence that the item existed and was in your possession.

Our Home Insurance policy is designed for items of personal use only. 

However, if your home-office is used for anything other than paperwork and telephone calls, such as receiving clients/customers, employing staff or keeping business-related cash or stock at the property, please contact us on 800 24223 (AIC) so one of our dedicated insurance advisors can discuss your requirements.

We will give you a refund, as per the short rate schedule.

Please contact us on 800 24223 (AIC) and speak to one of our dedicated insurance advisors to discuss your requirements.

Yes. If you’ve lost something or it has been stolen, you will need to inform the police and file a report when submitting a claim for any lost or stolen items.

Lost or damaged items will either be repaired, or replaced if repairing the item is not possible.

Getting a car insurance quote from us is quick and easy. Visit our website contact form or call us; our friendly representatives will guide you through the process. We'll gather the necessary information and provide a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

The cost of car insurance with Arabia Insurance depends on various factors, including your vehicle's make and model, your driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. We offer competitive pricing, and our team will work closely with you to find a plan that fits your budget.

At Arabia Insurance, we offer affordable car insurance options. Our team will help you explore different coverage options and discounts to find the best and most cost-effective solution.

To discuss your car insurance needs or request additional information, contact us through our website, by phone, or by visiting one of our convenient locations. Our dedicated team is always available to provide personalized guidance and support.

This is the most basic cover and is compulsory per UAE law. Third-Party Liability covers you against:

  • Death or bodily injury to any third party/person.
  • Damages to third-party property that arise out of the use of your motor vehicle.

It's important to note that this policy does not cover any damage or loss to your own vehicle.

If you wish to upgrade your car insurance from Third-Party, this can be done as long as the vehicle is GCC standard & supported with a Comprehensive Test Certificate, which will then require approval.

Yes. If they’ve had a license for more than one year and are above the age of 25 years, they can drive the vehicle with your consent.

If you’re below the age of 25, you’re considered as a Young Driver.

Comprehensive cover is available for vehicles up to the age of 10 years. Vehicles over 10 years need to be referred to our motor team who will review each case.

Insurance for high-value cars or sports cars can be arranged on a referral basis only.

Call 800 24223 (AIC) for more information.

Yes, the territorial limits of the Sultanate of Oman are included in your policy and covers your own damage as well as Third-Party Liability. 

Go ahead and start making plans to drive to Oman! 

Orange Card can be requested before the trip

While AIC's Roadside Assistance service is available in Oman, it is unavailable in other GCC countries.

The minimum length of insurance you can purchase is for 12 months. 

However, as per laws set by the Traffic Department, a 13-month insurance period is provided to cover the one-month registration grace period.

Yes, as long as no claims are made during the Period of Insurance, you will get your refund, which is subject to an admin fee.

If you’re anywhere within the limits of the UAE, we have you covered. Our 24-hour Accident and Breakdown Roadside Assistance services can be purchased as an optional extra with the Comprehensive cover, while it is included as standard with our Executive cover. This includes services such as Towing, Battery Boosting, Off Road Assistance, and Car Registration. Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full list of services. For any immediate Roadside Assistance, please call 800 24223.

If you have selected Agency Repairs coverage then your vehicle will be repaired at the vehicle’s authorized dealership. If you selected Non-Agency, we will select one of Our Approved Garages, all of which adhere to our strict quality controls. This also allows us to offer a 6-month guarantee on mechanical work and a 12-month guarantee on body repairs and paint jobs.

The Rent-A-Car provided is a standard saloon vehicle up to four years old with an engine size of 1.6 Liters, depending upon your Policy type. Regretfully, it may not be a like-for-like vehicle.

No, a cash reimbursement facility will only be allowed in situations where either the hire car is not available with our service provider or for any other compelling reasons due to which we are unable to provide an alternate vehicle to you.

Check your Car Registration card, as well as your Policy Schedule to know the renewal date of your Car Insurance. Also, we will also send you a reminder via email & SMS when the renewal date is near.

In the event of a claim, you will need to submit the following documents along with your claim form:

  • Copy of Driving License
  • A copy of your Registration Card (or Mulkia)
  • Police report

Claim requests can also be made online, with just a few clicks, on our website. You can also process it by emailing; alternatively, you can call our Claims team on 800 774 and speak to one of our dedicated claims advisors."

Depending on your vehicle type, specification, and terms & conditions, you can be charged multiple excesses based on the nature of the incident.

A No Claims Discount (NCD) is the discount given on your premium based on the experience (i.e. number of years without claims) of the driver.

When you are switching to AIC, you will have to produce a No Claims Discount Certificate to us which may reduce your premium.

No Claims Discount (NCD) documents are necessary because it helps us consider further discounts on the quotation and provide you with the best price possible.

A travel insurance policy provides coverage for financial losses or emergencies that may occur during your trip. It offers protection against various risks, such as medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss/delay, and more.

Yes, travel insurance is definitely worth it. It provides financial protection and peace of mind if unexpected events disrupt your travel plans. It can save you from significant expenses and help you deal with emergencies while away from home.

The cost of travel insurance depends on various factors, such as the duration of your trip, age, the level of coverage you choose, and the destination. It's best to request a quote from Arabia Insurance for an accurate estimate based on your needs.

Travel insurance coverage varies depending on the plan you choose. It typically covers medical expenses, trip cancellation/interruption, emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss/delay, and personal liability. Check the policy details to understand the specific coverage provided.

It's best to purchase travel insurance when booking your trip. This ensures you have coverage of any unexpected events leading up to your departure. Buying early also allows you to take advantage of specific benefits, such as trip cancellation protection.

At Arabia Insurance, we understand that every traveler has unique needs. That's why our travel insurance plans can be customized to suit your specific requirements. You can choose the coverage options that best align with your travel plans and preferences.

In the event of a covered incident, you can file a claim with Arabia Insurance by contacting our claims team. They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary forms and instructions. We strive to make the claims process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our travel insurance plans cover domestic and international trips. Whether travelling within your country or exploring foreign destinations, we have the right coverage to protect you throughout your journey.

The duration of travel insurance coverage depends on the specific plan you choose. It can range from a single trip policy, covering a specific trip, to an annual policy, which provides coverage for multiple trips within a year. Check the details of the policy to determine the coverage duration.

A Single-Trip policy covers you only for a specified holiday/trip, whereas Annual Policy will cover you for multiple trips made during the year.

A Single-Trip policy provides cover for the duration of a round-trip for up to a maximum of 90 days, depending on the period chosen.

Annual Policy provides cover for multiple trips for up to a maximum of 90 days during each travel period.

You can top up your policy with a golf rider, which will cover your golf equipment, including golf equipment hire, delayed golf equipment, and green fees up to the limits mentioned in the schedule. A premium charge will be made for this extension.

A winter sports rider is provided with a range of skiing benefits for customers who want to take part in normal winter sports activities. Please tick this box when requesting a quotation online. A premium charge will be made for this extension.

Children below 18 years can be added to the travel policy with a reduced rate of 50% of the adult price.

AIC provides you with a dedicated assistance center that you can contact from anywhere in the world. Simply call +971 4270 8702 or email and they can provide you with the help that you need, including repatriation back to the UAE if deemed medically necessary.

The maximum age to obtain one of our travel policies is 74.

Once your claim has been settled, a member of our team will call you to either collect your check or arrange a bank transfer.