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Understanding the Basics of Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty insurance, or P&C insurance, is crucial in safeguarding individuals and businesses from unexpected financial losses resulting from property damage, liability claims, and other unforeseen events. We provide comprehensive P&C insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs at Arabia Insurance.


Property Insurance


Covers buildings and contents against fire and lightning. It may be extended to cover storm, tempest, flood, rainwater, bursting of pipes and overflowing of water tanks, earthquake, explosion, impact, malicious damage, riot, strike and burglary. It can also be extended to cover insured's legal liability towards third party and neighbours for material damage. 



Covers buildings and contents against all accidental and physical damages or losses except those explicitly excluded in the relative policy. It can be extended to cover insured's liability towards third party and neighbours for material damages.

Liability Insurance


Covers the legal liability of insured towards third parties in respect of bodily injury and/or property damage arising out of his activities within the specified premises.



Covers the insured against the legal liability arising out from any negligence, error or omission committed during the period in the conduct and execution of their professional activities. 



This policy offers indemnity for damages that may be awarded against the insured in relation to professional services provided or should have been provided by the insured while a person is receiving treatment in a hospital/clinic. It also covers services that should have been rendered by the hospital/clinic, doctor, or any qualified assistant or nurse. The coverage applies to claims arising from errors, negligence, or mistakes made during the insurance period.

General Accident Insurance


Covers the legal liability of the employer against death or injuries to his employees which they sustain in the course of their employment.



Provides indemnity against loss of insured’s money or goods caused by the infidelity of employees. 



Provides indemnity against loss of money i.e., cash, notes, cheques, etc… during transit from and to the place of work and whilst in the specified safe. 

Engineering Insurance


Offers comprehensive protection against loss or damage in respect of contract works, construction plant, equipment and machinery as well as against third party claims in respect of property damage and/or bodily injury in connection with the execution of a construction project. 



Offers comprehensive protection against all the risks involved in the erection of machinery, plant and steel structures of any kind, as well as third party claims in connection with the execution of an erection project. 



Covers the contractors executing construction/erection works for loss as a result of physical loss or damage to their construction machinery and equipment.



Provides protection to the insured of all types of machinery plant, mechanical equipment and associated apparatus as a result of such property suffering physical loss or damage due to a sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical breakdown. 



Provides indemnity to deterioration of goods in cold storage due to a breakdown of the refrigerating machinery.



Provides indemnity for the insured computers, ancillaries and other electronic equipment for losses following sudden and unforeseen material damage. It can be extended to include the cases of replacing data media and recreating data, and the additional costs incurred to continue data processing after the physical damage has occurred. 

Financial Lines

Professional Indemnity (Financial Institutions)

Tailored to best suit your business, providing coverage in the event of a claim arising from professional negligence in the performance of services.


Directors' and Officers' Liability (D&O)

Difficult decisions can often lead to unexpected outcomes. This covers your personal assets and the liability of directors, officers, and senior managers against claims arising from actions or decisions made in their capacity as leaders and decision-makers.


Banker's Blanket Bond (BBB)

A special form of bond designed to ensure your banking partners against loss from employee dishonesty, robbery, larceny, theft, forgery, misplacement, and certain other perils.


Electronic & Computer Crime Coverage

Designed to complement insurance available under Bankers Blanket Bond. This covers you for fraudulent input of electronic data or computer instructions into your computer, by unauthorized access to a bank's communication lines, or by fraudulent preparation of tapes or computer programs.

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Property & Casualty Insurance, or P&C Insurance, covers property damage and liability risks.

P&C Insurance covers many risks, including damage to property, theft, liability claims, and legal expenses resulting from accidents.

P&C Insurance can cover various properties, such as homes, Industrial commercial buildings, rental properties, and personal belongings.