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Social Activities


In addition to its devotion towards supporting humanitarian organizations and associations, Arabia continued its dedication to “insure a greener planet”. In light of the current deteriorating environmental situation, and the challenges we are facing concerning the Global Warming calamity, Water squandering, natural catastrophes and natural resources misusage, Arabia decided to implement new policies for the rationalization of energy and water consumption and increasing its efficiency, thus rectifying the situation, at least at company’s level. This policy is part of the solution that Arabia intends to employ in an effort to raise awareness for a healthier and cleaner environment to our children.



“For the 3rd year in a row ARABIA Social Committee engages the employees to be part of the Beirut Marathon 2014 event; however, this time an additional team member “Zaki” the ARABIA mascot joined the team. All those who were present during the event got to celebrate with the ARABIA team by singing out loud or dancing to the music while cheering the rest of the marathon participants and distributing fresh snacks to them.


We were proud to represent ARABIA among the crowd and have fun together at the same time. We hope to see you all again soon.”



The regression of the Lebanese financial situation increased the financial burden carried by many families and students.


Having this in mind and to help alleviate this burden, Arabia partnered with the AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee to gather financial resources to support the students in need of monetary aids, by co-sponsoring various events launched by AUB over the years.


Arabia also kept its sponsorship of Nabih Fares endowment funds for needy students at the American University of Beirut.